Puisi Penyemangat Hidup Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Di bawah ini beberapa contoh puisi dalam bahasa inggris yang dapat dijadikan referensi untuk tugas kamu, puisi tersebut diambil dari berbagai sumber online, semoga bermanfaat ^_^


Scintillation light in the morning
Welcomes soul full of ambition
Start wading step
A bright future awaited

I start with a definite step
Staring at the sun light
Incessant pulse
Retracing steps stronger my heart

On expectations of ideals
Although I traveled nevertheless far right
Sky-high ornamental star
I will continue to reach out it

Million for steps to achieve it
Covering an area of ocean sweat
Never mind
I will achieve all the dreams

(2) Pursuing A Dream

Not just a dream.
That it lost because of this.

There is only a dream tomorrow.
Who remembered later on the day.

But it all right away.
Passed without anxiety liver.
Only memories and dreams.
Not the missing eroded day.

Believe all your dreams.
And follow your conscience.
that will lead you.
Grab all of your identity.

(3) The Meaning Of Life

time to time has passed by
time seems flying not walking
now i am not a child anymore
i am not a kindergarten girl too
i am a young lady now

i grow up so fast, as fast as a wind that passed by
somehow i feel sad for it
but also glad to know it
i miss for being a kid
there’s no any shy and afraid
i can do anything with my pleasure
and now it’s all different
everything is just so different now
i am awkward to do something
but somehow i have to face it
i am a young lady,remember
i can’t just cry and do anything in front of everyone
right now i know what is life
how hard and beautiful it is
even though there some doubtful on my way

thank god,i manage to undergo it
later i am not a young lady anymore
later i will be a woman
i will getting mature and mature
meet my love and bind the promise of life

god willing…
i will have my own child
someday wrinkles will appeared in every corner of my skin
then my hair will grew grey
thinking about that make my heart flutter
some afraid slip in my thought
what if my life turn out to be unhappy
but quickly i erase that thought and shine
help people to do something they can’t do
learn something useful then teach it to the others
that’s how my life will going

god willling…
make people happy because of me
make something good to the others
then the life turn to be peaceful
just like a fresh water that so cold to feel
flowers seems shine brightly in garden
wave their crown due to the happy sunny day
i consider myself as the flower

(4) Trouble Not to Avoid

When you look so down
You look ugly not as usual
So don’t be like that
Coz it’s not suit you at all
Sometime when we made a mistake
We desperate to death
And wish it has never been happened
You would throw something to decrease your anger

We can’t life without any mistake
We are not perfect
We have our own weakness and strength
We have to take it into our heart
We can’t avoid the trouble
We have to undergo it not avoid it
We have to solve it with calm heart

Of course we are just a plain human
We couldn’t expect something so incredible that so perfect
Because the incredible is the almighty god
Take it with warm smile
Consider it as your friend
A friend that will make you to be great someday
You’ll become mature and mature by days
Trouble not to avoid
Trouble is a friend, a friend to make us more better
So look up and then erase the ugly feeling
Let the positive aura engulf us
Show your beautiful teeth and smile to the challenge
Smile to the world, even though it’s hard

(5) Beautiful World

Life is just so beautiful nowadays
I keep smiling to the days
Yesterday and tomorrow is an enjoying days
I just love today,yesterday,even tomorrow
It’s just a beautiful day
I enjoy every kind of day
It’s just so goo to be living here in the world
In this such fabulous and luxurious world
The almighty is just too perfect
Exhale and inhale the cozy air
smile sincerely to the surrounding
I am so grateful to be here
Together with all the people
Though there are such a mean and jerk one
It’s okay and just ignore them
We have a well decorating world
So why would we be ungrateful?
We just need to enjoy it
Even make it better with our hands
All people must be united to feel the peace
The peace that created by our own hands
Who else anyway if it’s not us
We are the main object here
So we have to make a good change
There are many kind of people in this universe
Black and white
But we all are friends
Keep holding each other hands
And smile to one another
Then world would be live in peace
It’s just so beautiful to be living here, in our world


I dream a dream
To be friends with foreigner
Have intimate relationship as a best friend
I dream a dream
To be friend with england people
Eating and laughing together
To be friends with american
Hold hand and take a sightseeing
To be friends with Canadian
Call each other through phone
To be friends with russian
High fiving when we met
To be friends with australian
Hugging each other when we met
To be friends with french
Take so much self of us
I want to be friends with all people around the world
I live here in Indonesia
And i just know little bit an english
I hope i can reach my dream
It’s so wonderful dream that i ever have
I hope it become a reality
I hope you hear me up there
Together with your holy angels
Please hear it
And let them comes true
I just have some friends here
We can count them in finger
I am not that social type
But i want to be friends with others
It’s not like i didn’t accept them
But i am the type that you should move first,not me
Many people have got me wrong
They thought that i don’t wanto be socialized
To be truth, i need friends
A rue friends that i can count on
I hope to be friends with many others people
I wanna reach europe
I wanna reach america
I wanna reach asia
I wanna reach australia
It’s just so wonderful if we made so many friends
Please grant my dream, the almighty lord
I count on you


When dream never come true
We break down
Sometime it’s so useless to live
And we think about to end the live
But at the second thought
If one dream never come true
There are so many dream left
We should just not easily down
Don’t let the desperate get you
Because you are much stronger than it
You are just don’t realize it
It;s because the giving up blind you
If the second dream never come true
There are still dream left
There are thousand dream ,even more
If the third dream never come true
Still, don’t give up
Don’t ever let it got you
You know that you are a lot stronger than that
But have you ever had well thought?
Why your dream never come true?
It’s because you’re not serious nor focus
You were just kept dreaming
Your imagination kept flying everywhere
And when your imagination met the dead-end
You finally think that you can’t do it
Without any action nor effort
Remember, you’re just kept dreaming
No wonder your dream never come true


Wake to your slumber land
Open your eyes , don’t flutter
Open it really wide
Feel the beat of the world
Then jump from your messy bed
Open the window widely
Then face the sunlight
Flash it with your cheerful smile
Look at your surrounding
It’s a new day
Its brand new day
Wake up,dress up,and fight up
Struggle to the rough surface of the world
Lets change everything messed
To be a nice one
To be a real human instead of an animal
Open your book then learn
Then teach it to everyone
Stay humble to the poor one
But don’t look down on them
Proud of yourself
Never look down on yourself
Believe that you are great and amazing girl
Then prove it to the world
Challenge the world with your strength
Dont let them put you down
Dont let them look down on you
Speak yourself with your own words
Let the mocking be your unforgettable experience later
Dont let it bother you
It would be an amazing memory in the future
Keep struggle and keep moving
Accelerate your world
Make your own art
Your own amazing crafts
Design your life with your creative hand
Let the enemy be your foe
Let the word” give up” disappeared
You are much stronger tha you thought
Than everyone thought
You have no other choice
Your choice is only to b the winner
So that
Keep struggle and keep moving
Then you’ll be success

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